Laser Eye Surgery Hamilton & Waikato

If you live in the Hamilton and Waikato area and are thinking of having laser eye surgery, the team at Wellington Eye Centre can help. We welcome patients from Hamilton to have their laser eye surgery performed in Wellington, with our premier out of town package.

Wellington Eye Centre has been at the forefront of laser eye surgery in New Zealand for more than 20 years. We were the first New Zealand clinic to offer LASIK in 1995. We were also the first clinic to introduce LASEK and SMILE eye surgery, and are one of only two clinics in New Zealand to offer the revolutionary SMILE laser refractive procedure. While there are options for laser eye procedures in Hamilton, none can offer our extensive range of laser surgeries.

Here are just a few reasons to choose Wellington Eye Centre:

  • Our excellent out of town package, which includes free boutique hotel accommodation in Wellington at the time of your surgery as well as assessments and follow-up with your local optometrist in Hamilton.
  • Extensive range of laser procedures including SMILE, which is not available in Hamilton.
  • Affordable payment options to ease the financial burden of getting clear eyesight.
  • The latest technology and highly experienced team, with an excellent track record of results and patient care.

To find out more about what we can offer our Waikato patients, contact us today.

Choosing your laser eye surgery clinic

It is true that there are laser eye clinics in Hamilton and other places that may be closer to you, but not all clinics can offer the full range of procedures to ensure you are getting the most suitable one for you and your eyes. Patients travelling from Hamilton for their surgery get access to revolutionary procedures such as SMILE, from the clinic that was the first to introduce the procedure to the country.

Our lasers from Carl Zeiss are some of the most advanced in the world, allowing the very best techniques to be offered. This includes the Visumax femtosecond laser which is renowned for its control and precision and allows the minimally invasive SMILE keyhole laser vision correction to be performed. Our technology allows us to offer the following range of laser procedures:

  • Laser Blended Vision
  • XTRA

Having your laser eye surgery in Wellington

Free Hamilton laser suitability assessment

Your initial suitability assessment can be performed in Hamilton with your local optometrist. If you proceed with your laser eye surgery with the Wellington Eye Centre, we will reimburse you the cost of this assessment. If you wish to travel to Wellington or Napier to one of our clinics, we can offer a free suitability assessment which checks to determine whether you are suitable for laser eye surgery.

Free Wellington hotel accommodation

To make your experience as smooth as possible we can offer you a one-off, free hotel accommodation when you come to Wellington for your surgery, subject to terms and conditions.  The hotel is located just a short walk away from our clinic within central Wellington. We appreciate that you are away from home and would like to make sure that your experience is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Terms and conditions do apply, so please ask if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

Local Hamilton post-operative care

We pride ourselves on excellence in patient care. Our equipment is state of the art, our team are experts in eyes, and we make sure to deliver excellent care to our patients from Hamilton and all over New Zealand. Travelling from Hamilton to Wellington for post-operative care would be a major inconvenience. For this reason, your standard post-operative care can be with your local optometrist at no cost to you.

Easy payment options

The cost of laser eye surgery is a significant investment in your vision, and we understand that paying in instalments maybe an easier option for you. We offer 12-months interest free finance with GE Money via GEM Visa. Contact us or visit the GEM Visa website to find out more.

If you would like to know more about our out of town package for Hamilton patients, or get any further information on the treatments we offer, please contact our team.