Eight things our patients LOVE about having had laser vision correction

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Optometrist Shannon Tubman
Written by: Shannon Tubman
Wellington Eye Centre Optometrist

At the Wellington Eye Centre we perform laser vision correction surgery on a variety of eyes; short-sighted, long-sighted, presbyopic, and astigmatic eyes!

Getting rid of your spectacles or contact lenses can be a game-changer. Here are some of the bonuses of surgery!

1. No more rain drops on my glasses and no more fogging from my mask!

Raindrops on your spectacles may not happen that often, but when it does it’s really frustrating. You have to stop what you are doing to clean the spectacles, and you never have the proper lens cloth on you!

With the advent of wearing face masks, the fogging up of your spectacles is next-level annoying! Walk into a shop…..poof…..a cloud of fog obscures your vision. No matter how well you fit your mask, or even using fog-proof products, it never seems enough to stop the fog.  

someone holding glasses with water droplets on them

2. Weekend trips away – I don’t have to pack contact lens solutions, spare contact lenses and spare glasses!

When contact lens wearers stay overnight somewhere, they often have to take lots of extra items with them. Contact lens solution, contact lens case, spare contact lenses, and a pair of spectacles. Even spectacle wearers are advised to take a pair of backup spectacles when they travel.

After laser vision correction, you don’t need to take ANY of that stuff with you. It’s just one less thing to have to remember. And let’s be honest, it’s hard enough to remember to take a cell phone charger with us!

3. Surprise naps are no longer an issue.

You probably don’t nap very often, but if you are a contact lens wearer you have most likely been advised to not sleep in your lenses. It can increase your risk of infection, but it’s also a horrid icky feeling to wake up with contact lenses dry and tacky on your eyes. Now our laser vision correction patients can doze on the couch, or in the airplane with the confidence that they aren’t risking their eye health or comfort.

When you are that pooped and about to doze off, the LAST thing you feel like doing is getting up off the couch, going to the bathroom, cleaning your hands, and taking your contact lenses out.

a seal napping on a picnic table

4. No more multiple pairs of reading glasses scattered around the house!

This will resonate with any presbyopes out there. Presbyopia is the age-related change that forces us to need reading spectacles, bifocals, or multifocal spectacles. For a good bulk of these individuals, the way to solve this issue is to buy ready-made reading glasses. But they are NEVER close at hand, you feel like you are constantly trying to find where you last left them. Often these people fix the problem by buying multiple pairs and spreading them around the house, car, work, and handbag. But still, they are elusive and never at hand.

Laser vision correction surgery, especially LASIK Presbyond, with Blended Vision can significantly reduce your need for reading glasses! Most patients no longer need reading glasses at all, and the few that do, often only need them for super detailed tasks like embroidery.

5. Go swimming without goggles or contact lenses!

Swimming with spectacles is obviously not possible, so many spectacle wearers switch to contact lenses for water sports or they wear prescription goggles. Both work well, but they aren’t half as convenient as not having to use anything!

Contact lenses and water aren’t great friends. So you have to make sure you either discard your contact lenses after a swim or do an extra thorough clean! And possibly have to wear your spectacles while the contact lenses disinfect. But after laser eye surgery and an appropriate time for healing, you don’t have to give this a second thought. Just dive on in!

This is a big bonus for the surfers, windsurfers, and those hardcore long-distance swimmers. The stress of losing a contact lens whilst out in the open water is significant, and for those with very high prescriptions, not being able to see your way back to shore is scary. But laser vision correction is a great option for anyone who enjoys sport.

man walking into ocean off concrete steps

6. Waking in the middle of the night, I can see straight away!

This is a big bonus for anyone with small children. They yell out in the middle of the night, or creepily just hover over your sleeping form. Being jolted from sleep is disorientating enough, but also being too blurry to see? That’s even worse. Laser eye surgery can help you avoid the groggy scramble for your spectacles, wake up suddenly and be able to see!

It means you can walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, check for monsters under the bed or grab a glass of water without having to search for your spectacles!

The increased sense of security you can get from becoming independent of your spectacles and contact lenses is really tricky to quantify. But for some very short-sighted people, this move to more independence is priceless.

7. I can read a menu in a restaurant without having to find my reading glasses! I feel so much younger!

In your late 40s, it gets really hard to see up close. And it really makes you feel your age if you are the first among your peers to have to reach for your reading glasses to read a menu. After laser vision correction our over 45-year-old patients love being the one at dinner who doesn’t need reading glasses…. It’s not nice to brag, but some have got a kick out of having to read the menu out to their fellow diners!

Some have admitted that they used to photograph the menu with their phone, then zoom in to read the meal options! Not anymore.

older couple reading menus in restaurant

8. I went straight out and bought the trendiest sunglasses I could! 

If you are a spectacle wearer you know that the options for sunglasses are quite broad. You can get clip-on, fit overs, magnetic clip-on, and prescription sunglasses. But you can never get the super curved wraparound sunglasses or the mirrored lenses without investing a small fortune. And they never look quite as good as the non-prescription versions.

But after laser vision correction you can walk into a sunglass store and just buy those blinged-up sunglasses off the shelf. No waiting for your lenses to be made, no worrying if the sunglass frame will look odd once your lenses are fitted.

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